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Why Steamboat?

People ask me, why I chose to live and raise my family in Steamboat? Why not another ski resort? Maybe you are wondering the same.

It’s a very good and reasonable question, but once you really consider all that “Steamboat” is, you will quickly realize there is no comparison. Steamboat is a small town, with a small town feel, but it offers amazing amenities like, First Class Medical Services, Schools, Colleges, Library, Music and Arts, Entertainment, Restaurants and the list goes on and on. If you think of Steamboat only as a ski resort, you have missed some of the most impressive parts of the community. All four of our seasons offer residents of Steamboat something new and special. Whether it’s bike riding, kayaking the Yampa, hiking our mountain trails, fly fishing our rivers, taking a ride in our numerous hot air balloons, or horseback riding through trails filled with millions of wild flowers. There are so many things to do and ways to enjoy this amazing place that just happens to located at the foot of a World Class Ski Resort called “Steamboat”.  Let me sum it up by just saying, there is no place on earth like Steamboat!

My name is Leilani Brooks, and I would like to show you why you should consider Steamboat as your home.